Friday 23rd November 2012

Russian ship now due for logs - strong winds - Rain

mv KONSTANTIN PAUSTOVSKIY is bound for Bideford. She is due for the 1458 hrs tide on Saturday 24th Nov but at present is experiencing heavy weather and may miss the tide.

She is due to load logs on Monday next for WISMAR in the German Baltic, and will likely sail on Wednesday am tide 0500 hrs.

Richmond Drydock's FTD Marine has acquired yet another ex fishing vessel (see first picture taken today) for scrapping in Appledore. She was towed in last week by the yards workboat tug. Gareth Evans from FTD says that they will be taking delivery of a water blasting dredger soon, which is ready for re engining and will be used to keep the dock entrance clear.

The company have recently taken delivery of replacement crane. The dismantling of the Silver Harvester and Bryher continues (see photo of dock taken from the river November 11th 2012) 

Richmond Drydock with latest ex trawler ready for scrap. Workboat alongside.
Richmond Dock from Seaward Silver Harvester & Bryher await scrapping

Rainwater has carried much debris down river, including sadly a dead cow.