Sat 24th November 2012

Konstantin Paustovskiy berths after rough trip down Irish Sea

Konstantin PaustovskiySep11
Konstantin Paustovskiy during a visit in Sept 2011

mv KONSTANTIN PAUSTOVSKIY berthed 20 mins after high water today at approx 1520hrs. Her Master had not been to Bideford previously, but the ship has been on numerous occasions.

She had had a rough trip from AYR when she met strong winds and large seas which slowed her down to 1.5knots for a short period in the Irish Sea.

She had not expected to arrive for this afternoons tide, but gained speed as she approached St David's Head, arriving off the Bideford Bar at 1430 hrs. Pilot R. Hoad berthed the ship starboard side too, Pilot boat crew were Stephen Perham and Thom Flaxman, due to the excessive rain in the river and the handling characteristics of these ships in ballast. (ie little sternpower.) She will swing on departure which could be Wednesday am or pm tides if her draft is 4.4m max or less.

Her Russian Captain spoke good English, and said that he had delivered fertiliser in bulk to Silloth and Ayr on this voyage prior to coming to Bideford. He was happy to be in a very sheltered port especially with the imminent gale forecast for tonight he said. He was keen to buy some English tea and bread as stocks were low on board, and was particularly pleased to be in the centre of the town near to all facilities. He said that in his long career at sea this was the closest he had berthed to a town's main shopping street!

There were 10 crew aboard and the ship is registered in St Petersburg. She is 89.5 m long and 13.2m beam. Unlike some of her sister ships she has not had her hold capacity increased by raising her hatch coamings, so will carry more logs on deck than they would.

A draught survey (to confirm the amount of cargo loaded) will be conducted by Geoff Wilson of R. Pearce and Co. rather than being done at Wismar in Germany. This will speed up confirmation of cargo amounts.  The JST crane arrived during the night on Friday.