Tuesday 11th December 2012

Flinterlinge delayed at Avonmouth - Endeavor ex customs vessel moves to her mooring - Emu's transmitting buoy re deployed by Pilot Boat - Oldenburg returns

Two RiversBuoyDec12
Two Rivers 2 ready to deploy buoy Dec 12
Endeavor on its new mooring at Bank End Owner Mr Mark Smith
Mike Nash's superb photo of ms Oldenburg in the middle of the night Sharpness

mv FLINTERLINGE has been delayed at Avonmouth by 24 hrs for Class work after having completed her cargo.  The JST large mobile crane will arrive this evening and await loading of logs on Thursday.

ms OLDENBURG has arrived from Sharpness this afternoon after having collected cargo at Lundy. She left at approx 0400hrs this morning. Please see Mike Nash's excellent photograph of her in the lock at 0230hrs this morning. Mikle is a shipping enthusiast who works at Sharpness. Her Master was Paul Gyurgyak.

Bideford's Pilot vessel Two Rivers 2 has re deployed the Emu owned oceanographic wave buoy on the 10m contour off Westward Ho! this afternoon. Please see photo. John Pavitt was coxswain with lifeboatman Gary.

Historic ex customs cutter Endeavor has moved to her berth at Bank End. Owner Mr Mark Smith will further restore the fully operational vessel. She has an air start engine, large wheel and telegraph gearbox control from the wheelhouse. She has excellent built in fendering to ebnable her to go alongside ships at sea. She is powerful and quite manoevreable without modern aids.