Sunday 6th Jan 2013

mv RIG berthed at 1145hrs at YELLAND QUAY. The ship had had a swift discharge of sugar beet at RINGASKIDDY near CORK, Ireland on Saturday. Conditions were good in the river for berthing with light winds.

Logs are stacked on the jetty approx 700 tonnes and in the yard at Yelland adjacent.

The ship is the first to load or discharge and stay on the berth for many years (more than twenty).

The ships crew were Russian, and had previously been to Bideford late last year. The Master said that temperatures at KLAIpeida were minus 15 degrees and commented on how warm it was here! The bridge of the ship is of the fully enclosed type for warmth, and visibility of the salt washed windows was moderate. She is manoevrable and has a variable pitch propellor, and a good bow thruster.

Photos to follow tomorrow from Thom Flaxman and Norman Hardaker and perhaps others.

The ship will load during next week and will sail on Thursday pm tide. Tidal level cut by 0.5m due to high pressure.