Wednesday 9th January 2013

mv RIG sailed from Yelland Quay

mv RIG sailed at 1535 from YELLAND QUAY for Wismar with 2743.56 tonnes of Spruce logs. Her draught was 4.9m for and aft.

She was on an even keel and had very good stability. Her deck cargo was lashed in bundles on each side and infilled in the centre and relashed over all. The tide was 5.1m but cut slightly due to high pressure (o.2m). The weather was good, with bright low sun. Photos to follow.

Buoys were laid today in the Taw to mark the channel better as follows;

2nd green 51 4.39N 4 10.445 W Yelland Quay

1st green 51 4.067N 4 11.021W nr oil jetty green

1st Red 51 4.228N 4 10.995W off Crow

2nd red 51 4.488N 4 10.326W opp Yelland Quay.

The mv CASABLANCA is due tomorrow at 1500hrs off port, to load Ball Clay for Spain from Bideford, the first for some months. mv RUSSA is due at Bideford over the weekend for Monday load of logs.