Saturday 12th January2013

Casablanca sails for Spain Capt & Mate Photo

Capt Vladimir Konpatov & Chief Officer Albert Kuznetson mv CASABLANCA

Capt and Chief Officer (Russian and Ukrainian respectively) on board the Casablanca on arrival at Bideford. Captain is on the right hand side of the picture.

They were pleased to be in the town centre for Post Office and shops etc. The ship was very manoevrable with an 11m beam (less than some modern ships) and she has loaded 2750 tonnes of best North Devon Ball Clay for Castellon in Spain, in two grades.

Unusually the clay company worked on Saturday to facilitate the arrival of the next ship to Bideford which will arrive tomorrow. This also means that the ship will gain 2.5 days arriving earlier in Spain. Cargo was finished by midday, with Michael Pryer TDC crane driver cleaning the quay of wet clay afterwards.

The crew were very pleasant and several spoke English. Younger Russian and Ukrainian people seem to have these skills.

The passage time to Spain will be one week, passing Gibralter after the Bay of Biscay. Wether forecast is good. Fresh Ne'ly winds had calmed the sea off Bideford Bar, and the Pilot disembarked unusually from the port side of the vessel.

Pilot Roger Hoad, Pilot Boat Cox John Pavitt and crew Thom Flaxman.PavThomand Viv
Pav Thom Viv (ship visitor Missions to Seaman.) on Pilot Boat Jan 13
Thom Flaxman on Pilot Boat Jan 13

mv Russa is due for the 1900hrs tide tomorrow to load logs.