Tuesday 15th January 2013

Russa sails - Rig photos etc.

Russa Norm Jan13
Norman Hardaker's image of Russa loading logs at Bideford Quay Jan 2013
A good number of vessel's have arrived at Bideford and Yelland over the present Spring tidal period - Two logs ships one from Yelland and one from Bideford and one Clay ship for Spain from Bideford.

All ship movements have gone well  both at night (to Bideford) and during day time at Yelland Quay. The RUSSA sailed this morning at 0740hrs with 2111.8 tonnes of spruce logs for Wismar Germany from Bideford at a draught of 4m even keel. The ship has three holds and carried some 400 tonnes of deck cargo, well lashed for the 4 day voyage via the English channel and the Kiel Canal. Note the twin screws and twin rudders in the photo. She is an older but well built and designed ship, with huge accomodation. Of special and practical note is her protruding bridge windows which give athwartship views from the centre consul of the bridge - a designed carried forward to the next generation of 'Baltiyiskiy' ships.

mvCASBLANCA ready to load Ball Clay for Spain Jan 2013 N.Hardaker
Her bow thruster was non operational, but with her excellent handling characteristics and twin screws no problems occured, she leaving in the 'old' method of steaming on the forespring and backing into the river - since the Master was concerned that her full quarters would be damaged on the quay. (They had recently been scraped on some quay elsewhere in her busy schedule).

So the Taw Torridge Estuary has seen cargoes being exported to Castellon in Mediterranean Spain, and to the Baltic to Northern Germany at Wismar.

Yelland Quay now expects a sand dredger to replenish their sand stocks (likely to be the Welsh Piper) in the next few weeks, says MD Paul Jury. He reports that the bed of the quay has been surveyed today and levelled since the last vessel had a very slight list to starboard at low tide - which anyway is well within operational parameters.

The Rig layed with no problems on the berth - the first ship for many years.

Bideford's berth has also been levelled by TDC crane driver Mike Pryer and the Casblanca and the Russa lay upright, with the berth just 0.3m above Bideford datum.