Friday 25th January 2013

Yelland Quay Log ships due

New Buoys have been laid in the river Taw by the Yelland Quay facility owners, to Taw Torridge Pilots' satisfaction.

Comprehensive Pilotage assessments were completed during this week to approve night navigation in the River Taw.

Together with Bideford Harbour (and Appledore) the availability of facilities within the estuary is now wide ranging, with superb shelter, large storage areas, good tidal access and excellent availability of Hotel, shopping, engineering and other facilities available at Bideford.

Standard sized Middle trrade vessels can be accomodated for longer periods over a tidal cycle using available ports within the estuary. Atlantic Array support vessels have already been using Bideford's Harbour , and with Yelland Quays large storage areas and deeper waters large barges can be accomodated as well as at Appledore where standard 'North Sea' sized barges have been regular callers in connection with Appledore Shipbuilders Aircraft Carrier construction.

Euroforest have ordered two shipments of logs during February - one from Bideford and one from Yelland Quay.

It is inevitable that the profile of the estuary as a whole will be raised with more shipping arrivals removing the need to transport so many goods to and from North Devon by road.

Euroforest have a strong environmental culture and already move the majority of their sustainable logs by ship, and by train from Newton Abbot to the North of England and Scotland.

New cargoes will need to be sought to use estuary facilities to the full.