Saturday 9th February 2013

Largest ship ever at Yelland at night.

Baltiyskiy 202 berthed at Yelland Ouay at 0440 hrs this morning. First and largest ship to berth at the jetty at night ever.

The New privately laid buoyage was excellent and well placed, together with Crow Point's light and Trinity Houses South Crow Light Buoy.

The night was clear, very dark with no moon, and a light to moderate North Westerly wind.

The ship will load her logs on Monday and likely sail on the Tuesday am tide.

The Russian crew, who have been regular visitors to Bideford, are planning to make use of the ships two bicycles to visit Barnstaple and Instow.

Helm and Crew on Pilot were Jon Pavitt and Thom Flaxman. Jetty owner Paul Jury was on the jetty and Pilot was Roger Hoad. Pike Ward shipping Agency will visit ship first thing in the morning, and the JST log loading crane will arrive on Sunday.