Friday 1st March 2013

Celtic Freedom loads clay, log ship due.

Celtic Freedom from East the Water -Norman Hardaker's photo
Celtic Mariner swingsfeb13
Thom Flaxman's photo of Celtic Freedom swinging at Bideford

Celtic Freedom is due to finish loading this afternoon, and to sail on this evenings tide at 1945 hrs. She will finish loading her 2,500 tonnes of valuable Ball Clay in 3 parcels for CASTELLON in SPAIN.

She is a very manoevrable ship with her flap rudder. (See wash in photo as she is swinging.)

Her Russian crew of 8 were last in Poole as the carried road stone there from Belfast.

The deck officer and Captain have measured the density of the river water which is completely salt (1025) at this present time with no rainfall, which means that she will load more cargo to acheive her planned draught of 4.3 metres.

A log ship, likely to be the RIG is due for YELLAND QUAY after the 6th of March. where they have about a thousand tonnes of logs at present, which will be increased to 3,00 tonnes prior to the ship arrival.

2230hrs update.CelticFreedomRudderFMar13RH
Celtic Freedoms Flap Rudder Bideford March 1st 2013
  CELTIC FREEDOM sailed at 2015 hrs (High Water) with a draught of 4.45m aft and 4.35m ford with 2500 tonnes best Devon Ball Clay for Castellon, Spain. She needed some trimming by Mike the TDC crane driver before her hatches were closed. Her passage time will be approx 8 days.

The photo shows her flap rudder - quite common on this size of ship, which gives the ship excellent manoeuvring characteristics. As the wheel is put over the flap angles more than the main rudder acting as a side thruster when hard over (effectively 50 degrees instead of the more traditional 35 deg.) The photo shows the rudder part way over to starboard.

At non maoeuvring speeds and lesser angles of movement the main rudder acts in tandem with the flap.

The master has only been onboard for two weeks, and his last ship was a large containership. He and the crew are Russian.