Wednesday 27th March 2013

Ships for Bideford Ship to Yelland.

Norman Hardaker's photo of Welsh Piper
mv Welsh Piper berthed at Yelland yesterday with 1200 tonnes of building sand for Notts. The ship berthed 1 hour before high water and sailed 1 hour 10mins after high water . Her draught was 4.3m on arrival and 3.3m on departure with full ballast (tank full).

She is a manoevrable and handy ship. Her British Officers and Polish crew normally sail to Avonmouth and other Bristol Channel Ports. She was next due at Avonmouth and then Swansea where they will discharge sand and attend two other company ships (one called Sand Weaver) that are to be sold.

Her master Capt Tim Button is from West Wales. John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman were Pilot boat crew and Roger Hoad the Pilot.

Wind was moderate North Easterly, and very cold for the two hour discharge at the Jetty.

Bideford has two clay ships due - one for Castellon, Spain and one unusually for Germany. Update; mv CELTIC FORTUNE due for Bideford next week.

Yelland is expecting a log ship in early April. Update; mv BALDER due for early April tides.

All in all the estuary shipping activity is on the increase.