Tuesday 9th April

BALDER sails from Yelland Quay

mv BALDER sailed at 0545hrs just before dawn in light rain with a light to moderate easterly wind this morning for WISMAR Germany from YELLAND QUAY  with approx 1970 tonnes of Spruce logs. Her draught was just 4.1 metres fore and aft.

The Latvian ship had excellent stability with just 75 tonnes of ballast on board (incl bunkers).

She had deck cargo about a metre or so high.

She will sail via the KIEL CANAL in Germany. This is the smallest load that has sailed from the estuary since log exports was started nearly two years ago.

mv CELTIC FORTUNE continues to load her clay cargo at BIDEFORD QUAY. She will load 2800 tonnes in four grades with a maximum draught of 4.7 metres, sailing at 0615 hrs on Wednesday morning for CASTELLON SPAIN.