Friday 26th April 2013

Antares arrives at Bideford. Photos of Abis Belfast.

Norman Hardaker's photo of ANTARES at Bideford new bridge.
Dutch ship Antares berths at 0635hrs 2m draught, Dutch Captain 1 Dutch Able Seaman / trainee deck officer two Phillipinos and one dog, also a Russian Mate. EX Belfast, carried fertiliser there from Hamburg. Captain has owned ship for 8 years, freight rates low, Port costs and diesel costs rising he says. Pilot R Hoad Pilot boat crew John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman.

Antares is the smallest ship that Bideford has had for some considerable time, with an arrival draught of 2 metres, and a planned sailing draught of 3.5 metres. She will sail on this evenings tides, likely to be around 1830hrs.

Antares arriving at Bideford Photo Thom Flaxman

Abis Belfast arrived on Wednesday afternoon Pilot Paul Gyurgyak, Crew John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman. The ship is loading steel sections for ROSYTH. AbisBelfastMiddleYard
Norman Hardaker's photo of Abis Belfast at the shipyard.
Norman Hardaker's photo Abis Belfast off Braunton Burrows Apr 13