Friday 26th April 2013

ANTARES sails to Rotterdam Moerdijk.

Leila Capt dog at home aboard Antares.
mv ANTARES sailed from Bideford after loading approx 1400 tonnes of Ball Clay for Moerdijk, Holland. Her master who also owns the ship, spends 10 months working aboard.

The ship is well run, with an efficient crew who keep the Dutch built vessel in good condition. There is a trainee deck officer who is soon to become qualified, from Holland. The Mate and Master work 6 hours on and 6 hours off when at sea.

The Captain went shopping in Bideford for bananas for his dog Leila (who is low on calcium) and have his own haircut. The dog never is allowed ashore except when in Holland on leave, but prefers staying aboard anyway sleeping on the bridge. The dog is Spanish, and has her own Passport and pet travel paperwork.

t is I understood that the ship burns 3.5 cu m of diesel per day and the price of fuel is critical to the ship making any profit. At 550 Euros per cu m then it is easy to see why.

Captain of Antares (left) and Mr Bob Board Pike Ward Agency prior to ship sailing.