Tuesday 28th May 2013 pm update

Hagen discharges in 10 hours - sailing pm tide. Arco Dart due again am tide. Update Hagen sails.

2215 hrs. mv HAGEN (EX KOPENHAGEN) sailed at 2045 hrs. She is a container feeder / bulk carrier multi purpose vessel and can carry approx 119 containers (TEU) in hold and 96 on deck (max 3 high) depending on stability total 215 says the Master. The hull was built in Romania and fitted out in Holland.

Her bow thruster is powerfull in ballast Draught 3.8m aft 2.4m ford. She is sailing in ballast to Wandelar Pilot station Holland for orders. The Master spoke excellent English and was very pleasant. He and his crew have an interest in angling when able. They did not have time to go ashore from Yelland since they were working from early am until sailing time. The ship is connected via satellite to the internet, and they have satellite tv. She is German owned.


mv HAGEN is due to sail at 2030 hrs this evening for orders. She discharged her cargo including sweeping in about 10 hours. her draught will be about 3.8 metres.

Hagen Thom by Paul Jury

mv Arco Dart is due tomorrow am tide and has asked for a Pilot. Capt Keith Stevens will leave with Pilot boat crew John Pavitt and Martin Foot at 0700hrs from Bideford quay, returning by midday.

Norman Hardaker's pic of Hagen discharging at Yelland