Wednesday 5th June 2013

Baltiyskiy 202 berths late on the tide. MTS Vector completes her task at Appledore and sails.

mv BALTIYSKIY 202 berthed at HW + 1h 50m mins at Yelland Quay Jetty. Her light draught of 3.2m max enabled a late berthing.

Norman Hardaker's photo of Balt 202 on last of the tide required at Yelland.

The Pilot R Hoad was put aboard the ship at the Fairway buoy at 1800 hrs, by Thom Flaxman on the helm, and Martin Foot crew, and she proceeded under pilotage at full speed against the ebb tide at about 7.8 knots. Normal sea speed 10.5 knots or so.

Tidal heights were relayed by Jetty owner Paul Jury. The ship had a metre under her keel on berthing. The ship berthed starboard side too.

She will load logs for WISMAR in Northern Germany and sail on Friday morning at 0545 hrs. Her Russian crew were pleasant and efficient and spoke reasonable English. They had been to Bideford sevral times and were planning to exercise the ship's bike and take a ride perhaps to Barnstaple time permitting. She had sailed from AYR where she had delivered fertiliser in bulk from the Baltic.

MTS Vector sailed at o330 hrs for Appledore and successfully lifted the RNLI mooring blocks for checking and renewals, an annual event. She sailed for Newlyn for crew change and bunkers having come from Falmouth prior to Appledore and Bideford.