Friday 7th June 2013

BALTIYSKIY 202 sails from YELLAND at 0545 hrs.

The ship was swung to starboard since she was starboard side too without problem on the last of the flood tide. She sailed  for WISMAR with 2547 tonnes of Spruce logs. Draught was 4.65 mean and 4.8 on port side with her slight port list.
The tide cut by 0.4m on the tide board at the jetty(5.9 actual 6.3 predicted) but with the available width of river and draught of the ship and depth of water clearance remained good. Stability was good with 300 tonnes of ballast aboard. Weather conditions were calm, clear and sunny.

Norman's early morning photo of Balt 202 passing Crow Point light.

The Captain reported that the crew had little time to go ashore due to the quick turnaround and long working day, but at least one crew member did cycle on the Tarka trail he said. He said that his wife had reported temperatures of 30* C in Russia!

Pilot boat crew were John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman, pilot R. Hoad.

Next ship will be the ARCO DART arriving at YELLAND JETTY at 1755 on Saturday and sailing at 1955 bringing sea dredged building sand from the Bristol Channel.