10th June 2013

Arco Dart to Yelland

Norman Hardaker's photo of Arco Dart at Yelland

mv ARCO DART arrived at YELLAND QUAY JETTY on Saturday evenings tide and discharged her cargo of approx 1300 tonnes of sea sand for Notts Contractors. Her Capt was John Quayle. Pilot R. Hoad, Pilot Boat Crew John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman. 

Her draught was 3.9m and 3m on sailing. Notts supplied a swing shovel to move the sand into lorries to take into the nearby yard, which took about five hours. She sailed an hour and half after highwater with over a metre under her keel.

All went well again (she last came in August 2012) and it is hoped that her visits will be more regular.