Friday 5th July 2013 & sAT 6th July update.

Stone ship due for Yelland Quay. Clay ship for Bideford.

YELLAND QUAY is expecting a stone shp from GLENSANDA due on Sunday pm or Monday am tide. She is due to load at Glensanda tonight, sailing early tomorrow morning. She is called the NORDSTERN and is manned by Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Hungarian crew - 8 in total, including a cadet.

She will be discharged during Monday and it is planned that she will sail on the Monday pm tide. NOW DUE MONDAY AM TIDE.

BIDEFORD is due a Russian ship in August, likely to be the LEONID LEONOV (as before) to load for KUNDA, Estonia.

The channel at Bideford moved considerably toward the East the Water bank especially  near to the Long Bridge over the winter when excessive rain changed the river regime, causing extra maintenance dredging of the ship berths on the west side, and it is now just reverting back to the west (Commercial Quay side) after many months.

Rowersat lowtideJuly13
Bideford Rowers making the most of the river near low water.

Two yachts visited the quay this week - both arriving on the same tide and co incidentally were both carvel built Hillyard Yachts built at Littlehampton in 70's/ 80's. They were not connected with each other, one was from Milford Haven and the other from Ipswich which had sailed all round the Uk and is destined for the French canals.

Yachts Hillyard
Two Hillyard Yachts at Bideford quay.