Monday 8th July 2013

Norman Hardaker with his cameras at Yelland Jetty
Nordstern passing Instow inbound for Yelland Norman Hardaker July 8th 13

Norman's photo of Nordstern approaching Yelland Jetty July13

mv NORDSTERN berthed at Yelland jetty at 0655, starboard side to, with a draught of 5.3m aft and 5.4m ford. The JST mobile crane was nearby ready to discharge her 3,300 tonnes of granite stone chippings into NOTTS CONTRACTORS lorries to be taken to nearby storage facilities. The high pressure caused the tide to cut by 40cms at high tide, as expected. The ship had 0.3m of clearace under the keel minimum.

The multi national crew (Russian Master) of 8 had loaded at GLENSANDA on Friday night/Sat morning. The ship had previously carried steel from SPAIN to LIVERPOOL, says her Master .

The ship had a conventional gearbox, Becker Rudder with a right hnded propeller and had a powerful 1300 Kw bowthruster. She steered well and was very manoevrable. She is likely to sail at 1830 hrs tonight, or at 0700 tomorrow, depending on her discharge time.

Pilot wa Roger Hoad boat crew John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman.