Friday 2nd August 2013

Shipping due next week. Appledore Ferry Busy.

A clay ship is due for BIDEFORD next week, and it could be the BALTIYSKIY 201 or a sister ship subject to her availability and will  probably be later in the week.

Also two visits from the recently  drydocked WELSH PIPER are due next Thursday and Friday PM tides at YELLAND with aggregates (sea dredged). Followed by a log ship from that port.

ms OLDENBURG is sailing full on occasions from Ilfracombe and from BIDEFORD to LUNDY ISLAND.

Leisure traffic on the river has been booming with the good weather, and the APPLEDORE to INSTOW ferry is breaking more records. (She carried over 14,000 passengers last year).

The Arco DART which brings sand into Appledore Bidna has made just one visit during July.

Appledore river scene with the busy ferry crossing from Instow to Appledore