Thursday 8th August 2013

Four ships into estuary on the tide.

Arco Dart Welsh Piper & Baltitskiy 201 from Appledore John Eccles photo.

Four ships entered the estuary tonight the Arco Dart (to Evans wharf) the Welsh Piper (to Yelland Quay) the Baltiyskiy 201 (to Bideford) and the Oldenburg Lundy ferry (to Bideford).

The seconed two ships had TDC Pilots aboard the remaining two had exemption certificate holders aboard.NormBalt201Aug13
Normans photo of Baltiyskiy 201 at Appledore

The Welsh Piper will sail late on the tide as will the Arco Dart, and the Baltiyskiy will sail on the Saturday PM tide.

Oldenburg has a wedding cruise to perform.

A visiting yacht - the Free Spirit is visiting Bideford crewed by two brothers who have come to visit a third brother in the town.

Oldenburg & Taylor Bros sister boats (one new) at Bideford.