Saturday 10th August 2013

BALTIYSKIY sails photo.

Chief Officer waits for the ship to float to check draught
 (Click on picture to enlarge.)

mv BALTIYSKIY 201 sailed at 2030 hrs this evening with 2703 tonnes of Ball Clay in bulk with a draught of 4.495 m aft and 4.42 ford.

Capt Gennadi Krasnov called on a UK company to assist the engineers on board with an engine cooling problem which was completed shortly before sailing.

It was  Vasily Sinchilo's first trip as Chief Officer at the age of twenty six years (See photo).

As the ship was sailing on the last available tide of this set of pring tides, much pressure is put on him and the Captain to order the correct tonnage of cargo and calculate the loaded draught accurately, and where to load it along the length of the ship especially when the Ball Clay is loaded when the ship is aground on the berth. The Chief Mates calculations proved to be very accurate indeed.

The Pilot HM checks the tide prediction allowing for any cut in the tide due to weather conditions (cut 12cms last evening) and even the water density which can increase draught up to 10cms when excessive rain comes downriver and recommends a maximum draught to the Captain normally via the Ships agent (Pike Ward) to allow for the present river conditions. TDC crane driver Michael loads the clay to the ships direction with Stevedore Evans transport.

The ship sailed 25 mins before high water and navigated over shallow patches at Snuffy, and off Appledore shipyard (passing here at High Water) and stirring up sand in those positions under the direction of the Pilot, assisted by the Pilot boat.

The efficiently run ship, the TDC harbour team, (R. Hoad Pilot, Michael Pryer crane driver, John Pavitt Coxwain and Thom Flaxman crew / Rel. cox) ensured a smooth operation working to the limits of draught for the port on these smaller Spring tides.

The ship's crew of ten were  USSR nationals (one Russian) 9 men and one female cook. The ship is run on traditional lines with generous manning by todays standards.

The ship is sailing on a 7 day passage to KUNDA in ESTONIA and will call at Gothenburg roads (Sweden) for bunkers en route. The ship burns 7.5 tonnes of fuel a day at full sped (12.5k) and 4.8 tonnes at economical speed (10 knots). She operates at economical speed at this time.

mv WELSH PIPER delivered a cargo of sand to YELLAND last evening with relief Pilot Paul Gyurgyak on board.

mv Arco Dart delivered a sand cargo to BIDNA Appledore this evening also, and ms OLDENBURG sailed to LUNDY and back with a near full load of passengers (267 max) after completing a late evening wedding river cruise last night. Both of these ships' Captains have Pilotage exemption certificates issued by TDC Pilotage Authority.

mv RUSSA is due next Wednesday at YELLAND QUAY.