Friday 16th August 2013

RUSSA sails pics.

mv RUSSA sailed at 1330 hrs from YELLAND QUAY with a 3.95m draught max and approx 2,000 tones of logs of varying lengths onboard. She had excellent stability, and the Master says that she will have a five day passage to WISMAR.

She had planned to sail at 0100 hrs last night but was unable to complete loading and lashing in time, cancelling pilot during the evening.

The ship's reasonable draught allowed a sailing on a smaller tide. Much sand and silt was stirred as the vessel was swung just before high water off the jetty with about 0.75m clearance.

RussaDinghiesMike Sealey
Mike Sealey's excellent photo of Russa with dinghy fleet off Appledore.

mv Leonid Leonov due next week around midweekb to load logs at YELLAND.