Friday 23rd Augst 2013

Leonid Leonov arrives

Leonid Leonov approaching Crow Point. Photo Norman Hardaker

mv LEONID LEONOV berthed today at YELLAND at 0800 hrs. Her draught was 3.4m aft and 1.8m ford. The Captain had previously been with his ship to BIDEFORD on the 24th June to load Ball Clay for the Baltic Sea.

She had come from the Baltic to Silloth in the North West UK with fertiliser. He says that they had had a rough trip with a speed of 1.5 knots against the current and weather through the PENTLAND FIRTH.

The large tide with its fast current meant a swift entrance to the estuary and Taw river, with the ship positioned such that maximum use was made of the eddy tide or tide shadow off Yelland Jetty to slow the ship down prior to swinging. Astern power with these ships is not great in ballast, but adequate in the condtions also making use of the bow thruster to counteract the paddle wheel effects of the right handed propeller.

She will load 2500 tonnes of logs on Saturday, and sail on Sunday morning likely to be at 0900 hrs.

The draught surveyor - a lady from Western Super Mare who more often checks large molasses carrying ships and others at Portbury dock was awaiting the ship's arrival, as was the Agent from PIKE WARD.

The next ship at Yelland will likely be a stone carrying ship in early September.