Saturday 7th September 2013

mv WELSH PIPER delivers cargo to YELLAND this morning

Thom Flaxman lowers the Pilot flag after providing service to WELSH PIPER

mv WELSH PIPER delivered some 1,200 tonnes of rough sand to Notts Contractors at Yelland early this morning at first light. Her master was new to the ship coming from a larger company ship (Cemex) but with a regular crew onboard (British, Polish and Romanian). She arrived at dawn, and TDC Pilot and boat crew (Roger Hoad, John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman)  stood by while she discharged her cargo onto the quay at Yelland. She had loaded the Sand near to Flatholm Island (loading at anchor) which took over 4 hours to complete, arriving in Bideford Bay at approx 0430hrs says her master.

Notts contractors lorries (3) and a swing shovel started moving the sand to a storage area as the self discharging ship unloaded her own cargo. Owner Mr Paul Jury was on hand to oversee land operations.

The whole operation took from 0520 hrs when the Pilot boat left Bideford Quay until 1045 hrs when she returned. The ship sailed from Yelland at High Water plus 1hour and 35 mins.

A stone carrying ship is expected from GLENSANDA to Yelland on the next set of Spring tides.