Friday 13th September 2013

Celtic Challenger due for Yelland. Clay ship for Bideford. Extras and actors wanted.

mv CELTIC CHALLENGER is due for next Tuesday pm tide at YELLAND. She is discharging her present cargo at BIRKENHEAD and subsequently at BELFAST before proceeding to GLENSANDA to load her two grades of stone on Sunday. 

A clay ship is due for Bideford on the early October tides and will load BALL CLAY for CASTELLON in SPAIN.

A casting company StreetCast LONDON  is looking for extras and actors for an advert for YOUNGS SEAFOOD to be made in CLOVELLY audition tonight at CLOVELLY PARISH hall tonight at 7pm. or  email application www.streetcastlondon.co.uk

The DATCHET and barge belonging to SEVERN SEAS SHIPPING has been moved to the owner's jetty at the EX YELLAND oil terminal. AntsTugSept13
Anthony Glover's company's tug after towing Datchet & Barge away at BIDEFORD Quay