Friday 20th September 2013

WELSH PIPER discharges at Yelland

WELSH PIPERarrived at Yelland at 1830 hrs and discharged her cargo onto the jetty to be moved in the morning to the Notts storage yard. There was appro 2200 tonnes of best building sand. She sailed at 2100 and was clear by 2130hrs

The ship has been very busy since her drydocking, and in demand throughout the Bristol Channel to stock up various wharves with sand for building. She is due to complete no less than 13 cargoes in the coming week - that is about 15,000 tonnes of sand dredged from the Bristol Channel and means delivering a cargo on every tide of the week - no mean feat.

Pilot boat crew were Thom Flaxman and paul Gyurgyak, Pilot Roger Hoad. Unusually the seconed Mate aboard the ship was a young lady. Several of the crew were Polish, but mainly British.

She is due to sail to Swansea in the morning. The service was from 1645 hrs till 2220hrs.