Saturday 28th Sept2013


Saturday 28th September 2013

Thom and John pavitt await the Pilot at Yelland.
Thom Flaxman on foredeck after completing the Pilotage service.

Valentin Pikul arrives at Yelland.

Thom Flaxman and |John Pavitt awaitsPilot after the ship has berthed

Thom on foredeck as we return to base at Bideford.

mv VALENTIN PIKUL berthed at 1130hrs today port side to, ready to load logs. She is early for the load, and will start on Thursday 3rd October to sail on Friday 4th October.

The ship had landed her previous cargo - of sawn timber from Riga in Latvia - at DUNDALK. Her Master and crew are Russian, and he reports that the temperature in St Petersburg is only 4* c this morning as he has just spoken to his wife who is a doctor at home.

The neap tide presented no problems for the ship, which however stirred up plenty of sand at the South Crow buoy as we went half ahead to facilitate the turn towards Crow Point and the even shallower berth approach gave an underkeel clearance of 0.75m. 

The draught was under 3.2m.

It is a first visit to the area for the Captain and Chief Officer, but other officers and crew recognised the pilot from previous visits to Bideford.

Pike Ward ships' agent attended on arrival.