Friday 4th October 2013

Valentin Pikul to sail. Exe Otter due for Bideford. Arco Dart due for Appledore.

VALENTIN PIKUL has now loaded her cargo of logs, after some crane issues, and will be ready to sail from YELLAND QUAY at 0630 hrs tomorrow morning for WISMAR or in Germany. She had lain alongside since last Saturday since she had no work prior to this log load.

Thye expected ship to load clay has not materialised - no suitable ship was found for these tides for BIDEFORD. Agents say that a ship will be expected on the next tides.

mv EXE OTTER is expected for tomorrow eveings tide at 1855 hrs at BIDEFORD. She is coming in to be handed over to her new owners  Her Russian crew are to be replaced by a Ukrainian crew, her flag willl be changed, the sale completed and she will sail after about a week alongside at Bideford.

mv ARCO DART has requested a pilot for early on Monday morning so that she may deliver her sand cargo to Evans yard and then return to sea.