Friday 25th October 2013

Stone ship due for Yelland.

mv Ulrike G is due for YELLAND QUAY next week 30th October onwards with two grades of stone for NOTTS Contractors from GLENSANDA. At 100 metres she will be the longest ship to have called at Yelland.

mv CASBLANCA sailed last wek from Bideford with 3000 tonnes of ball clay for CASTELLON (passed hrough the STRAITS of GIBRALTER today). and mv EXE OTTER has sailed last Friday in ballast to SANTANDER where she remains at anchor at present. The handover to her new Israeli owners, surveys, flag change, crew change and bunkering etc went ahead successfully. here at Bideford.

mv Oldenburg has been completing her island suppy runs as the season ends for her sailings. Weather has been problematic, but advantage has been taken of lulls in the weather. The island passengers travel by helicopter during the winter, and when sea conditions prevent the ferry from sailing.