November 4th 2013

Ullrike G arrives at Yelland. Photo of Samuel Beckett and Ulrike G

mv Ulrike G has arrived at YELLAND QUAY. She arrived off the port at 0500 hrs after a fairly slow passage from GLENSANDA arriving just in time.

The Master is Estonian and the Chief Mate Lithuanian (All ex Russians said the Master!) spoke excellent conversational English His ship had previously taken a cargo of coal from Amsterdam to Ayr, then a ballast run to Swansea to load another cargo of ooal for Ayr and then to Glensanda for two grades of stone for Yelland.

He said that navgating through the Scottish lochs was tricky at times but necessary to avoid strong currents and that his ship was very manoevrable. The lochs reminded him of the Norwegian fiiords he said.

The bridge is exceptionally high (a long climb!) as the ship is capable of operating as a container feeder vessel. Visibility from the bridge is excellent, but somehat detached from the rest of the ship, though the bridge wings make eyeball navigation easier. She has a variable pitch propellor, a 3 step bow thrust and a flap rudder capable of 45 degrees of helm.

At 100 metres she is the longest vessel ever to have visited Yelland. She had a draught of 5.6 metres. Boarding at the Bar was rough, even though the seas had reduced overnight. She is starboard side to, and will swing in ballast before departure tonight or in the morning. Pilot boat crew were John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman, Pilot RogerHoad.

She berthed just before dawn at 0600 hrs. There was much rain run off in the river Taw and the river Torridge, and consideable debris coming downstream.

The tug WILLANNE sailed this morning for Milford Haven having successflly completed the shipyard ship launch. Ulrike G Nov13
Ulrike G Norman Hardaker, note the high bridge.

Sanuel Beckett Nov13 Norm
Norman took this photo this morning of the Sanuel Beckett P61