Monday 4th November 2013

mv ULRIKE G sailed at 1915 hrs on strong ebb tide swinging off the berth with a draught of 3.5m. after having her cargo of over 4,000 tonnes of fine and coarse stone discharged by Notts contractors and JST crane.

She was clear of the estuary by 1950 hrs. Her crew of 9 are on passage to a port in the Bay of Biscay, to load fertliser. They will need to clean  wash and dry the hold says the Chief Officer and 'paint' also in the avilable passage time of 1.5 days! They will take the cargo to Ghent.

The ship handled extremely well in the river and estuary given the strength of the ebb tide and the amount of rain in the river. Visibility was good in the dark moonless evening with a light SE'ly wind.

The ship carries a second mate, taking pressure off the Master and Chief Officer who says that he enjoys the four on eight off watch system whilst at sea, as opposed to the more common six on six off watch routine on many other ships.

At 100 metres she is the longest ship to visit Yelland, and swing with 50 mins ebb tide with the river in spate.

The next expected ship is a log ship at Yelland, ship not yet fixed.

Heavy rope work was  carried out by John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman who did ther normal first class work in handling the Pilot boat in dark and trying conditions with after a long day. pilot R. Hoad.