Fiday 15th November 2013

Arco Dart requests Pilot Sat Sun Log ship delayed. Stone ship not now coming these tides.

The relief Captain of the Arco Dart has requested a Pilot for Sat and Sunday pm tides when she will arrive and discharge her cargo of sand at Appledore and sail again on each of the tides.

The proposed log ship will not come until around the 26th November as there was no suitable ship available for this weekend.

A proposed Stone ship from GLENSSANDA was unable to load this weekend (was for Monday tide) as she had delays at her previous port of AYR and will not complete until Monday.

The Samuel Beckett P61 Irish Navy ship is progressing well - with some delays in external painting because of the weather say the shipard. She sits comfortably on her prepared berth at Appedore, and is on schedule for her end of January sailing date.