Thursday 28th November 2013

mv ARESSA is due today

mv ARESSA is due today for YELLAND QUAY to load some 2500 tonnes of logs for the German Baltic.

She has benefitted from the calm conitions and has given an ETA of high water this afternoon, with a draught of 3.5 metres. Loading will commence immediatly after the draught survey, with a view to finishing during the course of Friday. After lashing his deck cargo he is likely to sail in the early hours of Saturday morning.

A ship is being sought to bring stone from GLENSANDA to YELLAND QUAY loading over this weekend.

The withdrawal of RWE from the Atlantic Array project is a major step forward from the shipping safety angle, allowing the continuation of safe shipping routes in the centre of the Bristol Channel, rather than in a narrow strip close to the coastlines and consequent dangers.

Unreported events occur regularly - such as the loss of a large vessel's 10.5 tonne anchor and the ship's entire anchor cable 4 miles off Foreland Point within the last few weeks. A local Bideford registered landing craft has been tasked to attempt a recovery.