Saturday 30th November 2013

ARESSA sails

Russian motor vessel ARESSA sailed at 1520 hrs today with some 2250 tonnes of logs aboard for Lubeck in the German Baltic. Her draught was 4.45 aft stbd and 3.8m ford.

Her stability was excellent - always apparent on altering course at the South Crow buoy. Her cargo included much deck cargo, well lashed and completly covering her hatches.

The Master was previously on the RUSSA which had called at Yelland for logs. (Sister ship). He had the opportunity to take a walk to Instow and was impressed with the village and liked the small 'market' (Johns). He said that getting exercise on smaller ships was a problem, so particularly enjoyed his time ashore.

Aressa is well manned - though less than she used to have a few years ago and nomally with a Russian crew. She has plenty of accomodation, and is run on traditional lines. She is twin screw and twin rudder, and steers very well indeed she mostly took no more than 10 degrees of helm on the outward trip, even for the large alteration at South Crow buoy.

ARESSA nears Crow Point on her way to sea Photo Norman Hardaker

Aressa is run on traditional lines - Tea and biscuits for the Pilot !