Fridy 6th December 2013

Oldenburg returns from drydock. Severn Sins due to sail Saturday. Stone import delayed.

Oldenburg returns from dry dock.

mv Oldenburg, the Lundy cargo/passenger ferry has arrived bck (last Tuesday) from Sharpness drydock. Her manager, Mr Jack Bater rerts that she had a quicker than normal drydock, since apart from withdrawing one propellor shaft for checking, there was no major steelwork to replace.

She is now undergoing interior refitting work, and deck repairs to the wooden shethed aft deck and seasonal painting. She will do a few cargo runs in the winter the first before Christmas.

The landing craft Severn Sins is due to sail tomorrow to do surveying work on the South Wales coast. She has a Remote Operted Vessel on board. Skipper Tim Hudson and crew have been busy preparing the vessel for the work, and will work late this evening.

The expected stone import has been delayed until the next Spring tides.