Sunday 29th December 2013

mv PRIDE arrives after 10 days at sea.

mv PRIDE has arrived at YELLAND to discharge her cargo of two different grades of stone chippings from Scotland.

Her Master who is from St Petersburg and speaks excellent English says that the ship has had a rough trip with winds up to force 11 and has dragged anchor (on Christmas day) whilst sheltering close to the irish coast at DROGHEDA . He has been at sea for 10 days he says, sheltering from the storms, and loading his cargo at the remote quarry at GLENSANDA. He loaded the cargo quickly, and anchored on the opposite side of the Loch sheltering in excellent holding ground, but just 4 cables from rocks before running a day or so later for an alternative anchorage through the Scottish Islands and down the Irish sea to the vicinity of DROGHEDA. He had one night steaming against a force 11 storm he says, even though he had shelter from the Irish coast. So he has had a worrying voyage he says blaming it on his sailing departure date of Friday 13th ! The ship has run out of unbonded cigarettes, but has plenty of food aboard.

He spent last night anchored off Clovelly before berthing at YELLAND QUAY at 1515 hrs today. The ship is 90 metres long and was very manoevrable with her flap rudder, two step bow thruster and right handed propellor. She was berthed port side to in readiness for the departure in this unsettled weather pattern, with extra lines ashore to the jetty anticipating the next gale tonight. Swell on the bar was about 3 metres, and breaking occasionally with the swell reaching and breaking on CROW ROCK and the ship was still rolling as she approached CROW POINT. Wind was south westerly at aboaut 15 knots.

Notts Contractors manager, and PIKE WARD Agency were in attendance on arrival. The JST mobile crane was in the yard ready to start the discharge tomorrow morning at 0600 hrs. The Master is awaiting orders after the cargo is discharged. Pilot boat cdrew were John Pavtt and Thom Flaxman, Pilot Roger Hoad.