Bad weather continues. Pride remins in Port

mv Pride remains alongside at YELLAND QUAY she having been supplied with fresh Water from road transport, having not visited a port with potable water for some time.

The shp awaits orders and an improvement in weather conditions before proceeding.

The river Torridge and Taw are in spate, with much debris being swept downstream, and some flooding along the rivers themselves, and some high tide wave damage near to the estuaries.

Expected surges did not materialise at Bideford, with the tde making around predicted height ths morning. Some flooding did occur at East the Water however.

A boat partly broke loose at Bank End this morning  and was re secured without further incident. TDC Operational Services staff having been busy dealing with flood warnings and clean up of water and debris since very early this morning.

A sea wall at INSTOW has colapsed this morning, and the road has been kept shut by the flood gates.

mv WELSH PIPER has been booked to supply sand to YELLAND QUAY, once again on the weather calming down.

Seas off Westward Ho! have been large according to the data buoy which has indicated an average of over 4 metres and a maximum of 5 metres today. Seas on the Bideford Bar are likely to be in excess of this and breaking.