Tuesday 7th January 2014

mv PRIDE sails.

mv PRIDE has sailed at a late opportune moment from Yelland having received orders to proceed to BRITON FERRY to load steel coils (part cargo) for ROUEN, in France.

The sailing was made in 5 metre swells which slowed the ship from 7 to 2.5 knots as she crossed the Bideford Bar. The Master took his ship to Clovelly Roads for shelter and will proceed ready to enter BRITON FERRY in daylight tomorrow morning. Winds are set to decrease.

The Master reported that due to wet and windy conditions he and his crew remained onboard throughout his stay, except for a walk to Barnstaple (1.75 hours) and back (2.4 hours), where he bought new trousers. He reported that the ship sat comfortably in the strongest gales at the jetty. He had taken the precaution of using extra mooring lines.

Notts report that they are expecting another stone cargo in the middle of January and a cargo of sea dredged sand too at Yelland Quay.