Thursday 30th January 2014

Southern Beaver, Tug barge. Arco Dart.

mv ARCO DART has requested a Pilot on this evenings tide with her most recent Captain who has yet to gain his exemption certificate.

Pilot is ex Arco Dart Master Keith Stevens. Crew are John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman.

QUEST underwater surveys ltd (Wareham) have brought their 11 tonne ex MOD landing craft to Bideford Quay and have launched this afternoon to prepare the Southern Beaver to be placed aboard a barge that will arrive on the mornings 0555 hrs tide towed by tugmaster John Eveley and his tug.(ex Portsmaouth)

The barge will be flooded on the beach at Instow, and the Southern Beaver will be floated aboard by QUEST. The tug will lay at Bideford Quay and when the weather improves (may be sometime) she will tow the barge and cargo to Southampton.