Monday 3rd February 2014

Souhern Beaver, Goliath.

Norman Hardaker's photo of GOLIATH
Bideford Quay Southern Beaver on barge, Goliath tug Colin & Ursula Barret

The bottom dump barge SOUTHERN BEAVER has been successfully floated onto a submersible barge at YELLAND over the weekend.

QUEST Underwater Services Ltd., undertook the complex operations, in poor conditions largely at night over the weekend. The barge and Southern Beaver were towed to BIDEFORD QUAY this morning, and the tug Goliath, awaits good weather before she makes the tow to Southampton where the SOUTHERN BEAVER will be completely rebuilt for dredging work locally.

The move is welcomed by many as one more potential wreck is removed from the estuary, and a useful vessel is to be restored.