Tuesday 18th February 2014


mv WELSH PIPER is due at YELLAND for tomorrow mornings tide. She will arrive for an hour before high water at about 0730 hrs and sail an hour or so after high water. She will discharge her cargo of sea dredged sand via her self discharging gear consisting of a conveyer belt fed by huge buckets on drag lines operated from the bridge of the ship. 

The ship was built at Appledore shipyard. WelshPiperFeb13

The proposed log ship for February has been postponed for a month, and will now come in the middle of next month. The reason is reportedly the difficulty of getting to the trees in the forest by mechanical plant and lorries.

A stone ship from Scotland is likely for the end of this month. Finally mv ZITA is due at BIDEFORD to load clay for CASTELLON in SPAIN around the 27th February. The ship has recently been to the CAPE VERDE ISLANDS and DAKAR in WEST AFRICA, and is at present at the CANARY ISLANDS. She wll discharge her cargo at CARDIFF prior to loading clay at BIDEFORD>

The Tug GOLIATH and tow which consists of a barge with the SOUTHERN BEAVER mounted on board still awaits fair weather to sail to SOTHAMPTON.