Wednesday 19th Feb 2014

Welsh Piper calls at YELLAND> Clay and stone ships due.

mv WELSH PIPER arrived off the port at 0700 hrs this morning and was subsequntly berthed at one hour brfore high water and  discharged her cargo of approx 1200 tonnes of building sand, sailing at 0945 hrs for ther dredging grounds and then to Avonmouth for tonights tide.

Welsh Piper Capt Ahmed
Capt. Ahmed Gueisart mv WELSH PIPER

Capt Ahmed Gueisart of Iranian extraction, has 3 sons all at sea one an engineer 2 on deck. Chief Officer Simon Conran (Photos of crew to follow.)

mv CELTIC PIONEER is a possible ship with stone at the end of the month. She is at present in Leixeos Portugal.

mv ZITA is on her way to Bideford via the Canaries and Cardiff from Dakar and the Cape Verde Islands to load clay for Spain.