Monday 24th February 2014

Clay ship due weekend for Bideford. Also stone, sand and log ships for Yelland early next week.

Bideford's  clay ship mv ZITA continues to make prgress towards CARDIFF carrying a cargo of 'cat litter'  to discharge.

She is likely (subject to weather) to arrive at Bideford on Sunday pm tide or Monday am tide.  

YELLAND is expecting a another cargo of locally dredged sand, and a stone cargo from Scotland (mv CELTIC PIONEER) as well as a ship to load logs for the German Baltic over this tidal period,

Capt Ahmed Ghersari (left) & Ch.Officer Simon Conran (Discharging ship). WELSH PIPER

BABCOCK APPLEDORE shipyards newbuilding P61 le SAMUEL BECKETT will have her engines tested during these next Spring tides, and is likely to sail in mid March.

leSamuel Beckett near completion photo Norman Hardaker

Tug GOLIATH and her tow consiting of a barge carrying the SOUTHERN BEAVER is still awaiting favourable sea conditions before she sails for SOUTHAMPTON>