Sunday 2nd March 2014 am and pm

Log ship arrives, Clay ship earlier, stone ship due. Large tides. Zita at Bideford.

mv SYLVE 82 metres length, 12.5m beam arrived late on this mornings tide at the FAIRWAY BUOY  for YELLAND. She finally berthed at 0830 hours with high water at 0636. Her draught was just 2.7 metres max.

The crew of six were Estonian, with the exception of the Captain who is Russian from St Petersburg. She seems a well run ship and had carried many timber cargoes. She had brought sawn timber from the BALTIC to DUNDEE and to WICKLOW before arrivingat YELLAND.

The female draught surveyor was on the quay on arrival to determine the lightship weight of the ship before loading the cargo. The agent (Pike Ward) also was there for arrival, as were the log lorries that bring the logs from the compound to the jetty, and the JST mobile crane to do the loading. This will be the first log cargo loaded on a Sunday.

Sailing could be on this evenings tide, but more likely on the Monday morning 0712 hrs tide for the German Baltic.

The CELTIC PIONEER is on her way to GLENSANDA from the river Mersey, to load stone for YELLAND for Wednesday arrival.

mv ZITA recently arrived at CARDIFF from AFrICA has now discharged her cargo and is on her way to BIDEFORD to load clay. She will sail on Tuesday PM tide. SylveArrJettyMar14
mv SYLVE approaches Yelland jetty. Norman Hardaker's photo.

PM Report. mv ZITA the largest ship to berth at Bideford capacity wise, arrived this evening with 22m max airdraft. To acheive this she was loaded with ballast to 4.2m draught aft. Clearance under highest part of bridge was 1.5 to 2m (mast).

Zita was all fast at BIDEFORD QUAY by 1900hrs.

SYLVE will now com-plete loading logs during tomorrow after a delay during today. and sail at 1900 hrs.

Crew throughout today has been John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman on the Pilot boat, and Roger Hoad as Pilot.