Tuesday 4th March 2014

mv ZITA has sailed from Bideford. Stone ship due.

mv ZITA sailed at 1935 hours this evening with 2850 tonnes of Ball Clay for CASTELLON in SPAIN.

Her draught was 4.92m aft, and for'd was 4.9m , which was exactly as panned. The tide made prediction at 6.1m and the ships echo sounder induicated a clearance of 0.9m (minimum) on her way down river, she following the channel well.

The ship has excellent visibility, steers well, and is well run. After Castellon the Lithuanian / Ukrainian dual nationality Master says that she may load cement in Portugal, and sail to the Cabo Verde Islands, as she did last voyage.

The Master is concerned about the situation at home in Western Ukraine and is looking forward to returning for leave in two months time.

ZITA is the largest ship to load clay at BIDEFORD (But not the largest load), having minimum clearance under the bridge and a deep draught if fully loaded.

mv CELTIC PIONEER has now sailed from GLENSANDA after a delay due to hatch issues, and will arrive at Yelland for the morning tide. (ETA 0800 at Pilot station at preent.)