Thursday March 6th 2014


mv CELTIC PIONEER berthed at YELLAND JETTY at 2150hrs tonight,

She arrived from GLENSANDA after a slow trip in fresh South Westerly winds. She is carrying some 3300 tons of stone in two grades.

Whilst alongside she will undergo some engine and hatch maintenance, prior to sailing on the Friday pm tide or Saturday am tide.

Conditions at the jetty were fresh offshore winds which hampered berthing a little. The Captain and crew were pleasant and efficient.

Pilot boat crew were Thom Flaxman and John Pavitt, and Paul Gyurgyak accompanied Roger Hoad the Pilot as he will be sailing the ship as Pilot.

Next ship is likely to be the le SAMUEL BECKETT which is due to sail on the 15th March at 0500 hrs. from APPLEDORE SHIPBUILDERS for sea trals of a week.