Saturday 29th March 2014

le SAMUEL BECKETT sails. Arco Dart movements.

Babcock Appledore Shipyard's first complete ship for more than 10 years sailed this morning at approx 0410hrs. TDC Pilot conned the ship off the berth assisted by the tug WILLANNE which pulled the stern off the quay, whilst the bow thruster pushed the fore part into the river. A large naval rib was launched by Kas crane, and was quickly lifted aboard with the ship's purpose built davit.

Th Captain was Jerry Waller for the trials assited unusually by 8 members of the Irsh Navy. The brdge was busy with technicians and the compass adjuster.

The ship's machinery all operated as expected on its first work in earnest, with more than adequate power available. Visibility from the forward part of the bridge was good in the dark conditions, ahead of the numerous lit displays across the consul set back from the forward windows.

With the ships slight head down trim steering needed additional power which was instantly available from the twin variable pitch propellors.

The pilot was Roger Hoad, boat crew John Pavitt ad Tom Flaxman. The Arco Dart was Piloted in By Keith prior to the navy ship sailing and she has sailed after the shipyard movement.

le SAMUEL BENETT will return on the pm tidenext Thursday after trials in the Bristol Channel. LUNDY PUFFIN will stand by the ship, basing herself in ILFRACOMBE throughout. Samuel BECKETT will be anchored off Ilfracombe at times.

The ship is a fantastic vessel, filled with technology, and is a tribute to Appledore shibuiders who built her.