Thursday 3rd April 2014

le SAMUEL BECKETT comes in early

Norman Hardaker's photo of the ship about to swing off the shipyard

le SAMUEL BECKETT came in earlier than planned on this mornings tide after a successful trial, with some adjustments and checks to complete. She will sail for further trials when the height of tide allows, probably on the 14th April.

The weather was calm with light rain and variable visibility. The vessel needed to be swung where there was sufficient room  and depth on the falling tides and this was  off the shipyard after which the ship returned back downriver portside to alongside the Middle Yard berth.

Pilot was Roger Hoad, with John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman on the Pilot Boat. The shipyard work boat LUNDY PUFFIN ably assisted with the swinging of the 90 metre vessel in the restricted available space.

The ship berthed at high water. Her Captain for the trials was Jerry Waller and the Irish Officers and crew were also working aboard, and looking forward to taking over the state of the art vessel. Her Irish future Captain said that at 10 metres longer than previous vessels it was hoped that she would ride the huge Atlantic seas with extraspeed and comfort. He said that he had recently circumnavigated South America on an Irish naval vessel via the Megellan Straits and Panama.